Bring Order to
File Chaos
Files are scattered across email, network drives, cloud storage, and collaboration apps. Keeping track of all these files was impossible... until now.
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Watch: How Cloudtenna Reinvents File Search

How many places do you and your team store files?

Cloudtenna delivers purpose-built search infrastructure optimized for file search across disparate repositories and apps.


Search across all the places your team collaborates


Use machine learning to prevent data breaches

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Reduce IT burden with automated intelligence

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Too many repositories
= Chaos

Cloudtenna uses machine learning intelligence to help you and your team keep track of files, regardless of where they are stored.

  • Finding a file requires too much effort
  • File security falls through the cracks
  • Enterprise IT is at high risk of non-compliance

Search One and Done

Machine learning powered search so your team can collaborate, no matter where your files are stored.

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Turn-key file search infrastructure

Cloudtenna works with OEM partners to deliver best-in-class file search infrastructure. For search across disparate repositories with ultra granular permissions, Cloudtenna is faster, more comprehensive, and less costly than alternatives like elasticsearch.

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