The problem

File search requires too much effort

Files are scattered across all the tools your team uses to collaborate

  • Cloud storage and on-premises storage
  • Communication apps like email and Slack
  • SaaS applications like Salesforce and JIRA

Searching repositories one-by-one wastes time

  • Must login to each app separately to find a single file
  • Searching each app takes time, kills productivity
  • Difficult to keep track of which file version is the latest

Search today is irreparably broken

  • Built-in Windows and Mac tools rarely surface the correct file
  • Inaccurate frustrating results
  • So slow typically faster to recreate the file
The Solution

Search one and done

Search across all collaboration tools simultaneously

  • Eliminates need to search each repository and SaaS app manually
  • Automates a painstakingly manual process
  • Saves time and boosts productivity

Seamless experience, no matter where files are stored

  • Single Enterprise-wide search
  • Login once, search everywhere
  • Searches on-premises storage, cloud storage, and SaaS apps

Personalized search results

  • Results tailored to each individual
  • Ranked for relevancy based on per-user file activity history
  • ACLs fully enforced for each user

Intelligent cross-silo search

Connect all file sources

Employees use dozens of apps each day. Cloudtenna DirectSearch searches them all. Cloudtenna has extensive 3rd party connectors to storage repositories and SaaS apps.

Single login

No more struggling to remember multiple logins & passwords to do a file search. One login delivers access to all permitted repositories.

Ranked by relevancy

Machine learning adds additional context to user and team files. Search results are ranked by relevancy so that the file sought by the individual making the query comes up 1st.

Personalized contextual insights

File relevancy will vary by user. Search results are ranked by contextual insights modeled on individual file activity, history, teams, & relationships.

Full ACL enforcement

No user should see files they do not have permissions to view. If they don't have permission to view a file, it will not show up in their search results…ever.

Narrow results with filters

File searches often return too many results. Cloudtenna DirectSearch enables each search to apply results refining filters such as specific file types, last medication time, and who modified the file.

Spell check, synonyms, and autocomplete

Search queries are automatically spell checked, synonyms are suggested, and queries are autocompleted in real time as queries are entered.

Smart suggestions

Cloudtenna DirectSearch automatically makes intelligent recommendations as queries are typed, based on what is being typed, individual making the query, and history.

Preview in browser

Validate a given file is the one sought with a pixel perfect browser preview before actually opening the file.

Edit files in-place

Open and edit files in Microsoft Office Online. Changes are automatically saved back to the original file, no matter if the file came from Google Drive or an on-premises file server.

Hot data, not stale data

eDiscovery tools tend to index content every couple of days. That's ineffective for workflow collaborations and productivity use cases. Cloudtenna DirectSearch indexes files in near realtime.

Central administration

Administrators can pre-configure repositories for end-users to make connector setup a breeze.

How it works

Game changing data analytics for unstructured data

Smart crawlers, built for enterprise

  • Connectors to most commonly utilized apps
  • Locates new files in near-real-time so that file search results are always the latest
  • Lightweight global crawl instead of crawling by individual, eliminating file server performance cratering
  • Crawlers can live on-prem or in the cloud to optimize performance, compliance, and cost

Smart indexer

  • Efficient and fast indexing
  • Security conscious, smart indexing uses natural language processing to not store critical content in the cloud
  • Deep image & media analysis with Tensorflow

Smart search

  • Personalized search, optimized for each individual user
  • Relevancy rankings boosted by past personal and team activity, not just keywords
  • Artificial intelligence gets smarter over time with lightning-fast machine learning