Don’t let file security fall through the cracks
Monitor file activity and user behavior seamlessly across multiple file repositories
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Intelligent Auditing

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Use machine learning to prevent data breaches

Monitoring where an organizations' users' files are stored is an IT nightmare. Each file repository must be monitored separately - but each repository has its own specific monitoring methodologies, tools, and/or training. That all adds up to a very complicated process, with excessive costs, and many IT administrators simply don't do it. File security becomes either too expensive or silently falls through the cracks. If it's the latter, it becomes potentially far more expensive.

Intelligent Governance

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Reduce IT burden with automated intelligence

Compliance is changing everything in IT. New worldwide compliance laws have real teeth, with strong financial penalties for non-compliance. Being non-compliant is not an option when it can, and will, put enterprises out of business. The most difficult aspect of compliance is file management. Knowing where the files are stored, and what's in them, is crucial. Unfortunately, today that typically means manual labor-intensive processes fraught with errors. Those errors can be devastating financially.